20 Thoughts Anyone With Older Siblings Has On A Regular Basis

If you’re not the only child in your family, you have older, younger, half or step-siblings; you know what it’s like have people growing up in the same house as you, sharing the same experiences as you. It can be difficult, though, growing up with siblings, whether as their example and leader as the older sibling or as the baby of the family who gets hand me downs. If you are the baby of the family, the youngest sibling you know what it’s like to grow up in someone’s shadow, or how it feels to maybe have the rules bent for you a little bit. As the younger sibling, you’ve probably had these thoughts a handful of times throughout your life.

1. Your older sibling is always right, no matter what.

2. You were always fearful of being forgotten somewhere.

3. “Hand me down” was your middle name.

4. You’re used to being told what to do.

5. They controlled everything from the movie you watched to what snacks your mom bought.