50 Memes You’ll Only Relate To If You Have Siblings

Growing up with siblings is no easy task as you may know. Either you’re the older sibling and are basically given the task of assuring your younger brothers and sisters survive when your parents aren’t around. Or, you can be the middle child, which is basically the equivalent of being Harry living under the Dursley family minus the magic. At least you had your awesome under the stairs room to hang in. If you’re lucky you’re the youngest child. The baby of the family, usually by the time you come around parents have definitely lightened up on the rules, or given up on them all together.

Having siblings creates a unique dynamic with each other. That doesn’t mean there aren’t countless situations all siblings share. Here’s a list of some pictures that touch on some of the things all brothers and sisters have to deal with. I guarantee you will be sharing with your siblings with the quickness!