This Savage Grandma Dressed As Olenna Tyrell Is The Greatest Cosplay We’ve Ever Seen

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, it’s no secret that Olenna Tyrell was an absolute boss on the show. Besides being a great character played by an even better actress, Olenna Tyrell said everything we were thinking – out loud – no matter how savage or petty it was. She was the one to tell Cersei she’s basically an idiot and, Jaime, too. Plus, she died in the greatest way possible during Season Seven – giving Cersei the revenge she always needed.

While we love and miss Olenna Tyrell on the show entirely and are depressed we won’t get any of her back-handed remarks anymore, one grandma made sure to keep her memory alive by dressing up as the epic grandmother at Dragon Con 2017. And, she f*cking nailed it.

Best cosplay ever! ?

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Seriously – the glasses make this cosplay that much more epic.

And, she found some other Game of Thrones characters to pose with.

Spoiler alert: Dragon*Con in a nutshell. #dragoncon #dragoncon2017 #olenna #olennatyrell

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We can all go home now; I've found the best #Cosplay at #dragoncon2017

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The best cosplay ever! ?? ¤¤ ¤¤ #gameofthrones #olennatyrell #cosplay

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Grandma goals, for real.