40 Smartasses You Want To Be Mad At But Really Can’t

Sometimes you find yourself in an opportunity where you have the chance to do something probably stupid but super funny. When you find yourself in this position, the funny option is always a good one, especially with cameras involved. Other times you just happen to come across a situation where you’re forced to find a loophole, luckily there are some pretty bright folks out there that have documented these exact circumstances. My personal favorite is the little kids who give the most clever answers to their stupid homework questions. How dare you insult a 6-year olds intelligence!

I guess the bottom-line is sometimes being a harmless smartass can be quite funny. This list of 40 people who found a way to cleverly make an excellent joke or bend the rules in their favor. I’ve learned one thing, a lot of times being a smart ass might be able to help you out of a tight spot, or set you up for a few hilarious jokes.

1. Don’t tempt me with a good time.

2. If this is my kid I am so damn proud.

3. The car does seem to fit the criteria.

4. Just be aware of poison ivy.

5. I guess those were the only details he needed.