This Woman’s Text Messages With Her Abusive Ex-Husband Are Absolutely Disgusting.

Abusive relationships can span over many different forms of abuse and for all genders. These text message threads shared by Imgur user that goes by the name of KrissyKross show there are many different forms of abuse. Emotional, sexual, physical or a combination of both are usually the harsh reality people living in abusive relationships have to deal. We’re just happy in this instance KrissyKross made it out before things escalated even further. As scary as these absolutely horrible text messages along with physical abuse are KrissyKross is still lucky she found the courage to leave and we’re lucky she shared her past. Sadly, there are a lot of women never get out of these nightmare situations.


“This is a good example of strings of texts I would get at work while on shift (I am not allowed my phone on the clock.)”


“Tony was a coworker. I knew when he clocked off because it was when I was clocking on. Fella helped me change my tire one time and I was suddenly banging him (apparently.)”