Matt Lauer’s Wife Has Apparently Fled The Country With Their Kids Following Sexual Harassment Scandal

ICYMI, Matt Lauer is a no good, lying, manipulative pig (sorry, never sorry). For years, the “Today’ Show” host and journalist has been keeping his job on network television while simultaneously sexual harassing and assaulting dozens of women at NBC and elsewhere. For anyone, it’s horrible that for over two decades, this man has been on the forefront of a company that prides itself for being so open-minded and equal to all genders – yet, NBC turned a blind eye to Lauer’s behavior for years. While they claim they were unaware of his behavior and harassment activities, it’s hard to truly believe someone like this never had one bad report made against him. Plus, Ann Curry and Katie Couric have spoken out about the environment in which Matt Lauer had created at NBC and the “Today Show” for decades, as well.

When you hear a story like this, you feel awful for women everywhere. But, when a man is married, you feel truly awful for his wife. Imagine being married to someone so horrible and having to stand by them in this current predicament? Well – newsflash – you don’t. According to several reports, Matt Lauer’s wife, Annette Roque has apparently left the country after the scandal made headlines and Lauer was fired from NBC.

According to Page Six, Roque has left America with her children and is currently staying at a home in The Netherlands –  which leaves Matt Lauer to wallow in his soulless, spineless misery alone. Can’t think of anything that makes me feel a bit better on this Monday morning.

The report also states that for years, Roque and Lauer have had a pretty rocky marriage, stemming from several sources who claim Lauer was a “serial cheater” and always gifted Roque with extravagant “forgiveness” prizes, such as horses, whenever he was caught cheating.