Conan O’Brien Tried Warning Us About Matt Lauer’s Creepy Habits Years Ago

As Hollywood has been getting served a much-needed wakeup call, women have been supporting each other in their empowerment and ability to finally come forward and speak their truths. Men, who have abused their power and positions in their career for far too long, have been called out for sexual harassment and assault and, have been fired from prestigious positions because of it. First, Harvey Weinstein was brought down. We saw the downfall of actor Kevin Spacey. That 70’s Show’s Danny Masterson was fired from his Netflix series. And, Matt Lauer lost his job of two decades at NBC’s “The Today Show.”

Several women came forward to NBC describing the sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior Lauer exhibited in the workplace for years, stemming back over 10 years. Several women even co-hosts who have worked with him such as Ann Curry, Katie Cou, ic and Meredith Viera claim Lauer acted inappropriately on set and behind-the-scenes. According to reports, Lauer also had a button in his office that would lock the door without ever having to get out of his chair, which he used numerous times to make women feel “trapped.”

Lauer was also well known to have marital affairs and try to “cover them up” to his wife with lavish gifts. After the news of his behavior made headlines and he was fired from his position, his wife Annette Roque apparently fled the country with their children and has not been heard from.

And, while Lauer is going through a brutal takedown, people have been sharing videos of his disgusting behavior from years ago.

Even talk show host Conan O’Brien shared a video of Lauer being, well, creepy.