15 Women Share What It’s Really Like To Be The Reason For A Breakup

More often than not, it is always expected that the guy is the one to end a relationship–because it just naturally seems like he has more power. This societal narrative is straight up untrue and is no longer the case in many breakups (and honestly, F that idea entirely). Now more than ever, women are strong enough and empowered enough to know when they are no longer happy or satisfied in a relationship and decide to end it altogether. We asked 15 women what it really feels like to be the one who dumps someone, and honestly, the answers may surprise you.

1. Beth, 23

“It is a lot more empowering than you would imagine, and no breaking up with him does not make you a bitch.”

2. Amanda, 22

“Being the end of the relationship was the most healthy thing I could have done for myself and a great way to build confidence.”

3. Joanna, 21

“It can be scary because you aren’t sure how the guy is going to take it, but you have the power so run with it.”