Conan O’Brien Tried Warning Us About Matt Lauer’s Creepy Habits Years Ago

Conan O’Brien spoke about Lauer on his show in 2014 and brought up a time during the 2014 Olympics when he interviewed U.S. Olympic Skier Mikaela Shiffrin. At the time, Shiffrin was only 18-years-old – which, is pretty young compared to the 40+ Lauer. The segment on O’Brien’s show was actually called “Creepy Matt Lauer.” In 2014. So, basically, the evidence was all over the place 3-years-ago, but Lauer continued to work at NBC and on a very popular TV show. Hmm. Sketchy.

Sorry, not sorry, NBC knew. They had to have known. Everyone thinks so. The facts are there. The videos are there. Matt Lauer was always a dirty, no good, pig.