Woman Was Sexually Harassed By Coworker Until She Came Up With A Genius Revenge Plan

Recently sexual harassment has been in the spotlight as more woman speak out against what they have to deal with every day. I think we can all agree that sexual harassment, especially in the workplace, has been tolerated too long. More and more celebrities are shamed for the way they conducted themselves towards women. We also have the #metoo movement that’s growing stronger every day. Up until now, most women didn’t have anywhere to turn to turn to talk about their experiences with sexual harassment. We thank this woman for taking her story to Reddit and sharing it with everyone. While we know sexual harassment isn’t funny, this lady came up with a genius plan to get back at her coworker sexually harassing her. If the idea wasn’t fantastic enough the fact that this scumbag ended up getting fired is pretty incredible in itself.

“It was MY way of using my ass as a weapon.”

This woman turned her farts into a weapon of revenge, and we can not blame her! She explains that a coworker was consistently groping her at work. Ted was inappropriately bumping into her and coppin’ a feel so many times that it gave this woman the time to devise a revenge attack. This attack involved her ass Ted loved to grope so much. I have a feeling Ted is going to think twice about sexually harassing girls. Partly to the fact, he lost his job but mostly because of this woman’s genius revenge tactic. Whether you agree with her tactics or not there is no questioning the effectiveness of this girls idea. Sure, it could be considered a bit gross but what do you consider sexually harassing women?