Wendy Williams Said She Is ‘Sick Of The #MeToo Movement’ And Twitter Completely Roasted Her

Wendy Williams is not known for saying things that are mildly intelligent–or intelligent at all. Half of the time when I see clips or videos from her show, I’m curious as to how she even still has a show, seeing as she says the most insane things (come to think of it,  maybe that’s why). Recently, on her show, she brought up the #MeToo movement, one that has inspired and empowered countless women to come forward and face their abusers and harassers in society.

She began her segment stating that R. Kelly should never have been apart of the #MeToo movement, seeing as the numerous underage women he harassed/married/peed on were “okay with it.”

As it turns out, Aaliyah’s parents did not know about the marriage and  R. Kelly had lied about  Aaliyah’s age to obtain the marriage certificate. As well, many women R. Kelly had abused and harassed admitted that he was a monster–despite what Wendy had to say.

She decided to move forward saying that not only was she sick of R.Kelly being dragged and “having to lose money and his career” for things “women were okay with,” but, she was sick of the entire movement in general.

She claimed:

I love that people are speaking up for the first time and coming out but I look at all men like you’re a ‘me too,’ all of em, all of em, which is not fair.

What the actual f*ck, Wendy?

The movement’s originator and creator, Tarana Burke, opened up on Twitter about her feelings towards Wendy’s comments.

Other Twitter users took to the social network to give Wendy what she so rightfully deserved.