Here Are All The Celebrities Who Powerfully Took Part In The 2018 Women’s March

This year has been particularly hard for many people in America–but, it seems as though women keep getting the crap end of the stick. Between trying to fight for equal pay and unleash the truth about men in power, women are becoming more empowered than ever and learning to speak their truth, protect their rights, and fight for a better tomorrow for our daughters, their daughters, and even their daughters, too. This year, the 2018 Women’s March was packed, flawless, and powerful as thousands of women gathered all over the world to speak for over half of the global population. As well as the everyday women, it was beautiful to see how many celebrity women used their platform and their voice to bring forth awareness and change.

Alyssa Milano:

Proud. #WomensMarch #PowerToThePolls

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Patricia Arquette:

Ilana Glazer:

?@adamselman? for the #WOMENSMARCHLA by @lilroocher

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