Here Are All The Celebrities Who Powerfully Took Part In The 2018 Women’s March

Julia Louis Dreyfus:

One more time for clarity’s sake. We’ve got this. VOTE.

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Olivia Wilde:

LOS ANGELES SHOWED UP! Wow what an amazing turnout. 700,000! It was an honor to speak on that stage after so many incredible organizers and artists. November 6th HERE WE COME. Here’s a bit of my speech I feel passionate about. Thank you for hearing me. ❤️ “We must reach across cultural divides and recognize our power as an undivided force. This means white women need to hold up our end of the fight, not just coming to rallies with like-minded others, but reaching deep into our own families and communities, deep into the places where women wore t-shirts that read, "Trump can grab my pussy," and have courageous conversations about what freedom really looks like. We need to take leadership and direction from women of color, like Tarana Burke, who initiated the #metoo call to action, Susan Burton of Los Angeles, who urges us to heed the skyrocketing numbers of women who are incarcerated, and Dejuana Thompson, who led the #wokevote effort in Alabama that helped mobilize an unprecedented number of black voters – especially black women – to the polls. We must amplify their voices as we learn from their experience.” Together, we rise. ✊?✊?✊?✊?✊?

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Christie Brinkley: