Student Sends Disgustingly Racist Tinder Messages To A Girl And Pays The Consequences

We all know Tinder can be a dark, dirty place when it comes to private messages. We’ve seen on several accounts and message threads that guys (and girls, too) can be pretty inappropriate when it comes to what they say to their matches.
Recently, Twitter dug up some disgusting messages that were sent on the app a few years ago because people were so outraged that someone actually sent these. Conner Howell, who was a student at Virginia Tech, sent these horribly racist messages to a girl on Tinder.

The girl then shared the messages with her friends, who were also outraged and disgusted by the comments Howell made. One of the girl’s friends decided to email the president of Virginia Tech with the photo evidence.

Obviously, Howell had to deal with the repercussions of his vile words and comments. People on social media were dragging him left and right, and trying to spread his name all over the web.

After the university reached out to Howell and his name went viral on social media, he reached out and apologized to the girl he had disrespected–obviously, feeling sorry for his foul words.

Do we forgive him? Nope. Not one bit.