Matt Lauer’s Wife Has Apparently Fled The Country With Their Kids Following Sexual Harassment Scandal

As well, Lauer had apparently offered Roque $5 million to stay in the marriage after filing for divorce in 2006.

Annette briefly filed for divorce in 2006, claiming she suffered “cruel and inhumane” treatment from Lauer, who she said in legal documents was controlling and demonstrated “extreme anger and hostility.” She withdrew the divorce filing a month later.

Another well-placed source insisted that the reason Annette withdrew her divorce filing is that Lauer offered her a post-nuptial agreement at the time of the filing, offering her up to a rumored $5 million deal to remain in the marriage.

I can’t blame Roque for the way in which Lauer acted because no wife is truly her husband’s keeper. However, I’m not the kind of woman who would stay with a man if he cheated on me numerous times (even one time and I’m out the door). Regardless if we have children together, I just can’t look at someone the same after they tripped over their own ego and stuck their d*ck inside someone else. Not my kind of marriage, not my kind of life.

Twitter users had several feelings about Roque and Lauer’s marriage saying: