The Very First Text Message Was Sent 25 Years Ago Today, And Now We Feel Old

Texting is definitely something we Millennials take for granted. It’s so easy to ignore speaking to people on the phone (or in person) and are excused from having to hear their voices because we have been blessed with this type of technology. And, many of us are just so used to texting, it’s as though we can never imagine a world without it. But, our older siblings and our parents know all too well the reality of life without text messaging. It turns out, texting only came out 25 years ago (which, means it’s older than me). Apparently, the very first text message ever sent was in 1992 by a software programmer named Neil Papworth (only 22-years-old and a software programmer, way to go, stud). Don’t worry, the text didn’t say “send nudes” or “wru?” but, instead, said “Merry Christmas.” Seeing as it was sent on December 3rd, 1992, I think it’s safe to say that Papworth was a bit early on his season’s greetings.

If I didn’t already feel pretty old, I definitely feel old now. Besides the fact that texting is a year older than me, it’s crazy to remember a time where I couldn’t bother everyone I know and love with memes, emojis, and GIFs with a few swipes of my fingers. And, imagine being in an awkward situation at a party, at work or anywhere else and not being able to text your friend from across the room? Obviously, Twitter had some things to say.

Happy birthday, text messages. Good thing you’ve saved me from a lot of boring phone calls with my mother.