Woman Shares Detailed And Informative Plan For Anyone Trying To Escape An Abusive Relationship

Being in an abusive relationship can be extremely traumatic. Many people who are with abusive partners try to leave, but can’t. Abusers tend to threaten extreme danger to their partners, and even their partner’s families and friends if they try to leave. Therefore, leaving is even scarier than staying for many people.

However, leaving an abusive partner is not impossible.

One Facebook user, Maddie, shared a series of step-by-step instructions for anyone who has questions or concerns with leaving an abusive partner and relationship. With thousands of men and women being trapped in this kind of relationship and situation all across the world—the guide is not only helpful but also, needed.

She started off by talking about how to divide the money and banking accounts.

Continuing, she discussed that getting a cheap phone is important because you don’t want him to contact you.

When it comes to possessions, she suggests slowly sending the important stuff to loved ones or storage somewhere.

She also mentioned that letting people at work know what’s going on is vital.

Reaching out to family and friends is necessary if you’re trying to escape an abuser.

Finding a new apartment can be difficult, but looking elsewhere is important.

Letting the police know what’s going on is also important in case you’re in danger.

Dealing with kids is also important, especially if you’re going to take them with you (which you should).

Planning the date you leave is important when taking pets.

Never, ever take unnecessary stuff with you.

Maddie then pointed out what to do once you plan to leave.

Clearly, Maddie thought of everything and, people online are going to be grateful to have her help them.

h/t: BoredPanda