Guy Reveals How He Secretly Helped His Sister-In-Law Leave Her Abusive Husband

There seems to be a relentless amount of negativity drowning our newsfeeds these days and it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed and aimless. However, just because good news can be rare doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Take this man, for instance, who anonymously saved his sister-in-law from an abusive marriage and never sought credit for his unbelievable act of kindness.

Recently, Reddit asked its users to share secrets they’ve kept from their significant others.

And while there were several typical responses about disliking each other’s cooking or annoying habits…

There was one unbelievable story that caught readers’ eyes. Reddit user JollySkin shared that he anonymously saved his sister-in-law from an abusive marriage.

And people were truly in awe of the selfless hero.

A few readers shared their own acts of kindness.

What’s a secret your SO still doesn’t know about you, and why have you kept it secret? from AskReddit

JollySkin’s story garnered more than 18K upvotes in just a few days and even inspired victims to come forward with their stories.

h/t Bored Panda