17 Real-Life Bridezilla Stories That’ll Make You Want To Avoid Marriage Forever

Weddings are supposed to be joyous occasions marking the beginning of a life-long commitment, witnessed by friends and family. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes the wife-to-be is an unbearable bridezilla who demands everything must be exactly the way shewants it—or else.

Take it from each of these downright horrifying bridezilla stories that’ll probably make you want to avoid marriage for a very long time, if not forever.

1. This unbelievably selfish reaction:

I knew a woman who was a bridesmaid in a relatives wedding. She was married and had been trying to get pregnant for a while. Finally, her and her hubby got lucky and she conceived.

The bridezilla got furious and kicked her out of the wedding because she would be pregant in the pictures. 3 months later, sadly, the woman miscarried. The bride called her with a response along the lines of “good, well now you can be back in the wedding.” —hulagirl4737

2. This unacceptable fashion faux pas:

At a wedding I went to the bride replaced a bridesmaid of hers at the last minute because she dyed her hair a slightly lighter brown the night before. Apparently it didn’t match the dress, which was bright pink. —boredlike

3. A toddler-like temper tantrum:

I had a friend that threw a temper tantrum, complete with screaming and foot stomping, because her grandmother had the audacity to die a few hours before her wedding. She said it would throw off the seating arrangements, because now there would be a big empty space.

She is currently half way through her 2nd divorce. —kidtendomom

4. This horribly cruel bridezilla:

My G/F’s mothers wedding 2 years ago. Her future brother in law was missing for 2 weeks. he was supposed to be the best man but on a delivery he vanished and no one knew where he went.

That morning her future husband got a call that the police had found him. He had been shot 2 times and died in a ditch the delivery truck full of packages was gone.

The husband was horrified and told the bride that he cant get married today. She slapped him and stormed out screaming that she cant believe the HE could be so selfish that today wasn’t just about him and his stupid brother.

My gf was just as mad … Me and the husband both left them that day and are good friends to this day. —Blazingwand

5. This unfortunate interruption:

My boyfriend’s brother got married, and in the middle of the ceremony the groom’s phone alarm went off in his pocket. The bride flipped out, interrupting the pastor, to reach into his pocket for his phone, that he had already silenced.

She started bitching about how “I can’t believe you let your phone go off in the middle of our wedding.” Hands it to the maid of honor and says “remind me to smash that later.”In the middle of her wedding. —EewStopitNow

6. The “perfect” wedding photos:

At my cousin’s wedding, the bride’s brother’s girlfriend was a bridesmaid. The rest of the bridal party were either close friends or family.

During the wedding pictures she made us take two of every one: one with the girlfriend and another exactly the same, except without the girlfriend. Bride was throwing a fit about it. She didn’t want to look at the pictures years down the road in the case that they broke up. —dcebulsk

7. This insensitive demand:

I have alopecia, I was my brother’s best man and the hag walked up to me a month before the wedding was supposed to happen and told me I had to get laser hair removal. On my scalp. Because she didn’t want my patches in the pictures. —signious

8. And this discriminatory date restriction:

I’m bisexual, and was ordered to bring a “normal” date or none at all- normal meaning a guy only. —SyzygyTooms

9. This actual diet plan:

A girl I knew from school (we weren’t friends but our parents were) who sent out a strict diet plan to not just the bridesmaids but family members. She didn’t want anyone to ‘ruin’ the group photos. —naturalalchemy

10. This insecure bride:

My step sister threw me out of her wedding because her husband to be complimented me on my weight loss. —UnKamenRider

11. An untimely heart attack:

The father of the bride had a heart attack and as he was being carried out on the stretcher the sobbing bride yells, “How could you ruin my wedding like this?!!!?” —remberzz

12. This ungrateful wedding party:

My wife’s best friend is a florist by trade, gifted her services to decorate her friends wedding. (Big cost savings)

Wedding goes as planned all is good. Afterwards Bride & Brides mom get pissy at florist friend who didn’t give a gift in the wedding card, “didn’t even cover her/husband’s plate” Let’s conveniently forget the $1000 in floral products gifted to the wedding, it’s a rift that never healed between them since. —Hard_at_it

13. This expensive AF bachelorette party:

My best friend just got kicked out of being a bridesmaid because she couldn’t spend the $1500 to go to the bachelorettes party, all the other costs were killing her. The bride told her to take out a credit card to pay for it. One of our friends made the best comment over the situation, “she (the bride) just did you the best favor ever kicking you out of the bridal party.” —awayfrommymind

14. The wrong table cloth that caused a meltdown:

Bride started crying because the table cloth was the wrong shade of purple. So she thought the whole wedding was “ruined”. Never mind that she was marrying a nice man, all her friends had flown in for the wedding, her family was all there etc etc. But no, the table cloth was the wrong shade. We spent an hour consoling her and fixing up her makeup, while the guests waited. —smackkcat

15. This self-centered sister:

My sister was was self-centered asshole forabout 6 months with her coup de gras being the wedding day. I know it was all nerves so I don’t harbor any grudges, but ugh I wouldn’t relive that day for all the money in the world.

My strongest memory is her holding a bag of her crap and SCREAMING on the church steps “Why am I holding something WILL SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY I AM HOLDING SOMETHING ON MY FUCKING WEDDING DAY??? Someone better take this out of my hands immediately” —blue_lotion

16. These exclusive photos:

I was in a wedding party and attended with my, then, fiancee. The bride refused to allow her to be in any of the informal friend and family photos, because, “Well, these things don’t always work out, and Idon’t want to have guess who this person is tenyears from now.”

I am married to that, then, fiancee, and the other couple has had repeated separations and are likely only staying together because of their kids. —randumname

17. And finally, the bride who only allowed her family:

My brother’s first wife wouldn’t allow any of our family that she hadn’t met into the wedding. Now, we’ve got a good size-family, so this would mean things like inviting one cousin that she’d met, but not their parents or siblings that lived out of town, etc. We offered to hold an engagement party so she could get to know some of our out-of-towners, but she declined, saying she didn’t want to feel obligated to invite these new family members that she’d only met onceand didn’t know very well.

In the end, we decided to go with immediate family only, we figured it would be less awkward and rude than to pick-and-choose between family. My brother ended up having 6 people at his wedding, along with around 65 from the bride’s side. —Gipperfish

h/t: Reddit, Distractify, Distractify