People Are Sharing Their Awkward Childhood Photos And Some Of Them Are Cringeworthy

Everyone knows that we hate the way we looked when we were younger. Sure, back in the day we thought that we looked totally rad or in style when we rocked some of the weirdest and most hideous of fashion friends, but, as adults, we can’t help but cringe when we see photos of it. Every kid goes through that “awkward” phase in their lives where they looked a bit “strange,” or wore things that were just…weird. As adults, we can look back and say “Oh, WTF was I thinking,” and then feel sorry for ourselves because we’re just awkward adults now – still awkward, just older. Reddit, the wonderful place that it is, has an entire subreddit dedicated to people’s awkward childhood photos called “Blunder Years” – the best name one could ever come up with. And, some of the photos people share are just award-winningly brilliant.

1. Look at those necklaces – big enough for a dog, girl.

8th grade. I wonder why my Grandma didn’t ask for one of these. from blunderyears

2. This looks like an awkward dad who was once on a sex offender’s list.

My coworkers senior picture… from blunderyears

3. That’s…cool?

12 year old me thought this was a great everyday look. from blunderyears

4. Why do they look like they’re upside down?

8 year old me thought I had the coolest glasses. 1981 from blunderyears

5. We all went through the fedora stage, don’t lie.

Me rocking the plaid and fedora combo. from blunderyears