25 Guys Admit The Worst Things They’ve Ever Heard In Bed


Was having sex with my girlfriend last week and I went to change positions and i slipped a little bit and went super far inside her apparently. Instant tears from her, I honestly never seen her cry so much. Scary as hell.


“I didn’t want to have sex.” (After we just had sex) — This one actually fucked me up for a few weeks because I consider myself a very attentive lover who pays attention to what she wants. In my head and the way she said it it was like I had forced myself onto her. Which wasn’t the case. It came out of nowhere and I was with her for a long time and she was never afraid of turning me down when she wasn’t in the mood. Apparently not that day.


We were teenagers and didn’t use protection. Right after we finished she sat on the side of the bed looking moody. When I asked her what was wrong, she said “if there’s a baby I’m keeping it”


“Are you almost there?” Well, I WAS! Now I’m nowhere NEAR there!


“Patrick that feels so good!” My name isn’t Patrick.