25 Guys Share The “Worst Thing They’ve Ever Heard In Bed”

21. ryanino:

Was having sex with my girlfriend last week and I went to change positions and i slipped a little bit and went super far inside her apparently. Instant tears from her, I honestly never seen her cry so much. Scary as hell.

22. GYN-k4H-Q3z-75B:

“I didn’t want to have sex.” (After we just had sex) — This one actually fucked me up for a few weeks because I consider myself a very attentive lover who pays attention to what she wants. In my head and the way she said it it was like I had forced myself onto her. Which wasn’t the case. It came out of nowhere and I was with her for a long time and she was never afraid of turning me down when she wasn’t in the mood. Apparently not that day.

23. sharkbag:

We were teenagers and didn’t use protection. Right after we finished she sat on the side of the bed looking moody. When I asked her what was wrong, she said “if there’s a baby I’m keeping it”

24. pavlovs_monkey:

“Are you almost there?” Well, I WAS! Now I’m nowhere NEAR there!

25. jdo282:

“Patrick that feels so good!” My name isn’t Patrick.

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