19 Guys Confess Exactly What To Say To Make Them Finish Faster In Bed

There comes a point in every man or woman’s life where they really want their partner to finish in bed. It’s late, we’re tired, our legs hurt, our hands are sweaty, we don’t want to go on much longer – but, we’re not selfish enough to leave you in the pain and agony of blue balls and hear you whine the entire night while we try to sleep. Aren’t we so kind? Sometimes, we’ve been out drinking and a guy has whiskey d*ck and takes way too long to cum. Other times, he jerked off before you decided you were in the mood and still, is taking way too long to cum. While long sex can be passionate and romantic sometimes, other times, we just want to be finished. We asked 19 guys what women/men can say to them to make them finish faster and the answers are game changers (I’m taking a few of these home with me into my own bedroom).

1. Nick:

I really love it when a girl moans a lot in bed. Nothing too crazy or weird – no shouting or anything – but a sexy, passionate moan gets me going really well.

2. Andrew:

Biting. Bite me anywhere, my neck, my earlobe, my chest. I don’t know why but the minute a girl starts nibbling on my ear, I’m a goner.

3. Devin:

Play with my balls, always. Some girls forget about the balls when they’re giving head or having sex, they’re not too hard to reach. Just a slight touch will drive any guy wild, we’ll finish before you know it.

4. Jess:

Bite my lip while you’re on top of me. Oh Lord, I’m always down for some lip-biting.

5. Dante:

When a girl lets me get on top, I usually finish faster. I don’t know what it is about being on top, maybe a dominance thing. I love staring into my girlfriend’s eyes while I’m on top of her.