19 Guys Confess Exactly What To Say To Make Them Finish Faster In Bed

6. Louis:

Twerk. It sounds stupid and ridiculous, but when a girl is on top and she twerks on my d*ck, I love it.

7. Michael:

Call me “daddy.” Some guys hate it and some girls think it’s creepy, but do it and we’ll be sleeping in no time.

8. Greg:

I love dirty talk. Really, the dirtier the better. I always have to tell girls beforehand that whatever we say during sex doesn’t mean anything – because I say a lot of inappropriate things and names, but they’re just fun and fooling around.

9. Samuel:

Take your top off when you’re on top. Nothing like seeing a girl’s boobs going all over the place during sex.

10. Jack:

I love when it’s passionate. Lots of kissing and hands moving and fingers in each other’s hair.