15 Girlfriends Who Need To Get Wifed Up Like NOW

Dating apps and social media have made modern dating a hellish battlefield for those looking to find a serious relationship. Guys and girls stay sliding into DMs, swiping right on dozens of people at a time, and posting scary things that make you question the sanity of the human race. Which is why if you find someone who does nice things for you just to show you they care— you should lock it on down. If the institution of marriage is something you’re into, anyway.

1. This is really impressive, but also get that Bit-O-Honey out of there that’s disgusting. Don’t @ me.

Reddit: Reprimize

2. The girlfriend who “baked” this “birthday cake”:


3. The girlfriend who assembled this spread after a rough day:

Reddit: gonzoblair

4. The chick who “fixed” this toothpaste.

Reddit: whittywhit

5. The girl who becomes a poetess in her sleep: