23 People Confess The Things They Wish They Knew Before They Lost Their Virginity

:Having sex for the very first time can be the most stressful moment of one’s young life. While your parents can tell you where babies come from and you can learn all about STD’s in health class – no one truly lets you know that dirty, dirty details of how awkward losing your virginity can be. And, that is why looking back, there are always things we learn later in life that we wish someone had told us before we decided to do the nasty for the first time.

Luckily, the people of Reddit shared the embarrassing, honest and important things they wish they had known before they lost their V-card. And, if you’re reading this and you’re still a virgin – you are welcome.

1. amayonazing:

You do not need to completely unravel a condom before you apply it to your penis.

2. historynerd1865:

Vaginas can be really tight, and if you are a little floppy from nerves or whatever, it’s not going to go in.

3. kevie3drinks:

I honestly wish I knew that it wasn’t actually a requirement to slap her on the ass.

4. michaelnpdx:

Don’t feel like you have to last forever.

After she had an orgasm she was done, said it was too sensitive to keep going. Didn’t offer me any assistance with my stuff, so she was sitting in the truck listening to music while I was standing outside whackin’ it in the moonlight next to a cow pasture.

5. SpehlingAirer:

How messy it can be! The “cuddle puddle” is real, my friends.

6. frankenboobehs:

You might feel a super instant attachment to that person, but they might not feel the same way about you.

7. throw-away_catch:

If you don’t have a condom and she says “it’s okay I take the pill” do NOT proceed. Seriously. It’s not only about getting her pregnant and producing a money destroying hell demon, but also STDs and stuff

8. lizzardx:

Take your ipod off repeat one!!! Dust in the wind by kansas is a TERRIBLE song to lose your virginity to!!!

9. TheLibido:

That not all girls like to be jizzed on.

10. jkh107:

It’ll be disappointing at first, but it’s lack-of-skill disappointing, not is-that-all-there-is disappointing.

11. BonkeyKongCountry:

That if she starts making noise, it’s a good thing. I asked “are you okay?” enough times to illicit a “I’M FINE.” response.

12. Coogcheese:

There’s this thing…its called the clitoris…and its kind of a big deal.

13. KidOyom:

If tupac is alive.

14. Koupers:

Just wait two months dude, don’t stick your dick in crazy.

Seriously, as much fun as it sounds, do not stick your dick in the crazy.

15. CoolJWR100:

You’re not supposed to Yodel.

16. CrawlinOutTheFallout:

Pee after.


Winning lotto numbers.

18. sarawras:

Be unafraid of very clear, direct communication. Your needs, requests, questions etc are meant to be respected, as are your partner’s. Everyone was a virgin at some point, it shouldn’t be stigmatized, so don’t be afraid of saying you are one and asking the questions you need answers to.

19. dudefromeverywhere:

How hickeys work…I’m so sorry Emma

20. the70sdiscoking:

I wish I knew it wasn’t as big as a deal as people made it out to be, and I should have started enjoying safe sex much younger than I did and with more people I felt close to.

21. pics-or-didnt-happen:

At that age? I was 11ish so… I guess I wished I knew how to beat the first Koopa boss in Super Mario World.

22. Albetolo:

Which hole.

23. vsaund10:

Have at least 2 condoms, spermicide also comes in handy. Is the lady on the pill? This is very important! Have some wet wipes for after to clean up. Wait for the right time, and allow plenty of time to get to know each other. Usually it won’t last too long if you are doing it right, but it will get better guys!