18 Guys Share The Sexiest Things A Girl Can Do That Have Nothing To Do With Sex

Everyone knows sex sells. For the most part, everyone seems to have some kind of idea what the opposite sex finds sexy. There’s the classic, dirty talk, biting, some neck kissing action and of course, flaunting your God-given assets. When we think about what’s “sexy” or sex appeal I feel like our minds all generally float down the same gutter. Unless you’re into some next level kinky stuff, we don’t judge here. Just don’t forget your safe word, folks.

Since I was curious I decided to ask a few different guys something they find sexy in a girl, as long as it has nothing to do with sex. It was interesting to pick these guys brains on what they found attractive if sex was removed from the equation. Most of their answers seem like if there’s no sexy time involved, guys are just looking for another bro to kick it with. Either way here’s what 18 guys had to say.

1. Steve:

Know her way around a gun and be able to defend herself, with no help from me. Self-sufficiency is absolutely needed if the zombie apocalypse happens.

 2. Erik:

If we go out to dinner and she tries to pick up the check. I’m still going to fight to pay it but the fact that she doesn’t expect it to be that way shows she’s independent which does it for me.

 3. Hank:

I like a girl with athletic hobbies, it usually means they’re in good shape. Especially snowboarding. There’s something about a girl tearing up a mountain.

4. Jimmy:

When a girl can chug beers, it turns me on. Especially when it’s faster than I can.

5. Mike:

If a chick can throw a spiral I lose my mind. It really gets me going.

6. Chris:

A girl who can sing. If a girl has a set of pipes I’m already in love. Serenade me Ms. Angelvoice.

 7. Brian:

Not being sexist in the slightest, I just love food. So a girl who is a bomb cook can cook her way right into my heart.

 8. Matt:

A girl that has dance moves. I have absolutely none so I guess I can’t help but appreciate it. Of course bonus points for it meaning they’re probably really flexible.

 9. Calvin:

Girls that can rag on you and talk shit with the best of them. Not in a malicious way but it’s a turn on if she has thick skin, no one wants to be walking on eggshells around someone.

10. Joe:

When a girl is really thoughtful, I can’t lie I love a good surprise or present time to time. Sue me, but it’s awesome if a girl surprises you, even if it’s something little.