18 Guys Share The Sexiest Things A Girl Can Do That Have Nothing To Do With Sex

11. Wyatt:

I think it’s super sexy if a girl is into cars or bikes. If she drives a truck a motorcycle and can change her own tire and oil then she is the kind of girl for me.

12. Tim:

A girl that doesn’t despise sport. I don’t need her to be in my fantasy football league but if we can go enjoy a game together or talk some sports it is huge bonus points.

13. Dylan:

I love a girl who can eat and is not afraid to show it. Nothing wrong with a salad but if we’re going out to eat I sometimes want to pig out, share each other’s food, get the itis and float off into a food coma together.

14. Peter:

Love me a bookworm. Intelligent girls who like to read have driven me nuts since I was a kid. I honestly blame Hermoine Granger. 200 points to Gryffindor.

 15. Jeff (Not Ben Wyatt from “Parks & Recs” I Swear):

I’m not sure if this is weird, if a girl is rollerblading I think she is a million times sexier. Sadly, not many girls are out there blading these days.

16. Greg:

A girl with a great heart. If she’s a teacher or someone who helps with a charity or anything involving helping someone in need. Not many people like that today I think it’s really special.

17. Tyler:

A girl with an exciting life. If she has an adventurous soul I’m all in. If she’s traveled to amazing places and had incredible experiences it’s hard to not have something to talk about, people like that rarely get boring.

18. Max:

A girl with a Jeep wins. Every. Single. Time. Can not beat a girl rolling a Jeep, facts are facts.

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