Pink Emailed Eminem A Drunk ‘Love Letter.’ He Gave A One-Word Reply.

Pink is an interesting pop star because she’s been famous since the ’90s, seemingly against all odds. She survived the early oughts (remember Missundaztood?!) and then late oughts and came out somehow stronger on the other end, managing to remain relevant, inspiring, relatable, and hella rich throughout it all (Britney, X-tina, where y’all at?).

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And if the past couple decades or so haven’t been proof enough of all that, then consider the fact that Pink recently released her 7th studio album, Beautiful Trauma, and it features a collaboration with Eminem. Best of all, this partnership never would’ve happened if the pop star hadn’t gotten wine drunk and emailed the rapper a “love note”. If that isn’t relatable!

“I sneak-attacked him,” Pink told Entertainment Weekly. Max [Martin] and I started making ‘Revenge’, and I wrote this rap. We were drinking a lot of wine, and then I went home and I thought more wine would be a good idea.”

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“I emailed [Eminem],” she continues. “This is why they call it liquid courage. And I said, ‘You know I love you. I like that you work with a lot of the same people, like Rihanna. She’s hotter than me, but I’m funnier. So I’m going for a rap Grammy, and I’d like to take you along with me.’ It was this long email, and he wrote back right away and just said, ‘Okay.’”

Eminem had been in Rio de Janeiro when she first emailed him, but sent back the finished track only four days later. So she “emailed him again, I was like, ‘This is the best thing I’ve ever heard! I want to tackle you and rub your face in the dirt!'”

“He just wrote back and was like, ‘Okay.’”

The pop star elaborated on her affinity for Eminem in an interview on the UK’s Lorraine:

I reached out to him in this case. I love him. I’ve always loved him. I think he’s a lyrical genius. And I just wrote him a love letter… I wrote him an email, and I said, “I love you. I’ve always loved you. I’ve loved you since you gave me your autograph at the 2001 MTV Music Video Awards…” I just wrote this love letter, and he just wrote back, “OK.”


Listen to the track below: