25 Women On How They Let Their Oblivious Partners Know They Want To Bone

11. yourtypeofmetal:

i’ve been doing some pavlovian exercises where whenever i’m kissing him it starts to get hot and heavy, i’ll start to lightly scratch/caress the back of his neck. it’s gotten to the point where just doing that guarantees sex. it’s kind of awful but it’s also amazing and i’m a little proud.

12. getinthegoddamncar:

My boyfriend sucks with subtlety. I always lean in, kiss him, get more touchy, etc. and he just goes “Huh? What’s up, what are you doing?”

Like, for real, dude?

I literally always just end up grabbing his dick through his pants and giving him a pretty intense stare to convey “Give it.”

13. halfadash6:

I usually just take off my clothes or start rubbing myself on him. Doing squats directly in front of him is also effective.

14. fruitypants:

I don’t do subtle clues, and I don’t think that many women do. If we’re laying in bed I initiate by playing with his balls, if we’re on the couch I get on top of him and make out with him while I dry hump the shit out of his dick area and lower torso.

HOWEVER, I was once in a situation where I had to be subtle- my (now ex) boyfriend was super depressed for over a year and he never wanted to fuck, so if I wanted to have sex I had to ease him into it. So, during that time, I would offer him massages when I wanted to bone because massages lead to sex like 80% of the time (and that’s a statistic from an actual study on couples giving each other massages, not just anecdotal evidence from my personal experience).

15. dialmformurderess:

I text him “u want sum fuk” from the other room. Works like a charm.