25 Women On How They Let Their Oblivious Partners Know They Want To Bone

6. 5meterhammer:

My ex wife used to hug me and lightly dry hump me and go “eh, eh, eh” in unison with the thrusts.

7. lynnaimee:

Okay, if you want SUBTLE, normally I’ll bite my lip and stare at his mouth and give him the fuck me eyes. Or make sure he catches me staring at his crotch. Or touching of any kind is usually golden.

8. aestherisms:

Snapchat him extremely zoomed in pictures of Guy Fieri and add the caption ‘take me to flavortown’.

9. Schmabadoop:

My girlfriend says she just likes to cuddle in bed in the mornings. Lies. Damned lies.

When she’s horny in the morning she’ll start grinding her hips gently into me while we spoon. I love it because sex coming is, and I hate it because I like to lazily lounge in bed for a good hour on a weekend morning before doing anything and that ruins my vibe.

In the end, sex happens and it is damn good fantastic sex.

10. oohrosie:

I’m blessed with a beautifully simplistic relationship, and with an ass man. I parade around in my panties for about an hour and then I’m told we’re going to bed. Easy peasy! Not exactly subtle, but our other method is quite literally, “Hey, you wanna fuck today?” So… yeah.