17 Things That Will Make 00’s Kids Go ‘F*** I’m Old.’

The 00’s or “aughts” as they’re apparently called were a long f***ing time ago. It may not feel like it, but the days of Hannah Montanah, Blink 182, and good Spongebob Squarepants are long behind us.

You’re old now. You maybe even have a job, and drink wine on purpose. Don’t believe me? Travel back and gasp as you realize how far off these classic 00’s shenanigans feel.

1. Ariana Grande on the Disney Channel.

Yup, before she was going on SNL to do shockingly good impressions, she was a Disney star about to… blossom.

2. All that Disney Channel music.

Demi Lovato, the Jonas Brothers, and Miley Cyrus are still familiar names, but this song feels like an eternity ago.

3. Which sparked all this drama.

Poor Kevin.

4. Not to mention THIS drama.

Emo/Scene hair is still on point though.

5. When this happened.