7 Misconceptions Everyone Has About Attending A Yoga Class For The First Time

We all have different tastes when it comes to exercising and trying new things. A lot of people feel uncomfortable or a bit awkward when they decide to try something for the very first time – like yoga. Let’s be honest, we’re all walking balls of anxiety, so when we go out of our comfort zone, we’re paranoid. For a lot of people, they try to make excuses as to why they can’t try new things or branch out. For example, yoga is a great way to deal with anxiety, work out and get your mind healthy – but, people feel as though they can’t do it for several reasons. Society tells you a lot of “lies” about things like this, but, I’m here to clear up any negative doubts you may have about reaching your moment of zen.

1. “I have to be a pro at yoga to go to a class.”

A lot of times, people think that they need to be a pro at yoga in order to go to a class. They feel as though people will look at them or call them out if they don’t know what they’re doing. This is absolutely false. The instructor in classes is there to help you get better and people are very chill and zen in classes – they aren’t going to make you feel uncomfortable or awkward.

2. “I have to be flexible to do all those poses.”

There is a type of yoga for everyone. Nobody is perfect. Some people can bend in ways others can’t, it’s just how your body is. Many people are afraid to even give it a go because they see others who can do asana poses that seem extremely advance and they think they would never be able to do that. But, the instructor in yoga classes usually tells you to do things to the best of your own, personal ability. Going to more classes and practicing the poses will make you more flexible over time, but you don’t need to bend over backward perfectly from Day 1.

3. “I don’t know any poses, so I can’t do yoga.”

There are over 2,000 yoga poses – there’s no way you’re going to know all of them. Going to a class allows you to learn the poses and how to do them, so you can continue to get better at them or do them on your own at home. It’s not about what you know, but what you’re willing to learn.

4. “But, I have no yoga stuff to bring to class.”

You don’t need to bring anything to your yoga class except yourself and some comfortable clothes. Sometimes, classes have water bottles you can buy, or a water fountain to refill a bottle you bring with you. Studios will let you use mats or other equipment (like straps) without having to pay for your own.

5. “Yoga classes are too expensive.”

Many yoga studios or gyms offer discounts and membership prices. You can buy a class bundle to save money per class, or get a discount for something – like a student discount or even a Veteran discount if you’re a vet. There are tons of ways to save money and still attend classes.

6. “Yoga is Only for fit people.”

A yoga class is meant to be for non-judgment. Everyone is there to better themselves both mentally and physically, not to judge others by how they look. Many people who go to yoga want to use it as a way to work out, and others use it to reach that “Namaste.” No one is going to judge you based on your body.

7. “I have a bad back/leg/foot, so I can’t do yoga.”

Surprisingly, many people use yoga to heal their bodies. Many people use it to better their muscles or injuries they have. Even professional athletes use yoga during injuries. It’s good for you to stretch your body when you’re injured so you don’t stay injured for a prolonged period of time.