25 Times Tumblr Was Spot On About Having Anxiety

Anxiety is something that everyone deals with. It affects many different people in different situations as well as different ways physically and emotionally. Whether it’s Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GED), Social anxiety, or panic disorders – anxiety isn’t just getting nervous. There’s a lot more to it. It’s tough for people suffering from anxiety disorders because a lot of times they don’t have physical scars to show for it. This can be brought up for all mental and emotional issues. Just because you can’t see anything apparently wrong with someone doesn’t mean they aren’t struggling. Anxiety problems paint a broad brush stroke over many different other disorders or issues including Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Since anxiety affects so many people here’s a list of funny and relatable anxiety Tumblr posts. I’ve learned a great way to deal with a problem is to add a little humor to it. It also always helps to see you’re not alone in your situation.

1. My fake smile game is super strong.


2. There will be obstacles but you WILL make it out.

3. Who else feels this? Is there a name for this?

4. Or when you wake up from a dream with that falling feeling.

5. The daily struggle in class with my water bottle.