This Viral Thread Perfectly Explains What It’s Like To Live With ADHD

Prolific Twitter user and independent journalist Yashar Ali has a knack for going viral whether he’s tweeting about politics or towels.

So when he opened up about the realities of living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, people payed attention, and pretty soon everyone was talking until the topic was trending nationally on Twitter.

The entire thread can be read as a Twitter Moment here but here are some excerpts:

Ali described some common misunderstandings about the disorder.

And how it makes supposedly simple tasks complicated.

Ali also discussed how ADHD can affect relationships.

Today’s internet is a fast and vicious place dominated by scathing personal attacks and political combat, some of it justified some of it mere digital bloodsport. So people appreciated Ali’s candor and vulnerability in discussing a serious issue that affects a great number of people.

Many readers shared their own struggles with ADHD.

And shared tips for managing the disorder.

It almost felt like a meeting of ADHD Anonymous, AKA Twitter.

Again you can read the entire thread HERE.

Photo Credit: UBC Learning Commons