This Canadian Man Politely Asking Bears To Leave His Backyard Is Seriously Boyfriend Material

Do nice guys finish last? Or – do they just all move North?

Sadly for you, I am not talking about Winterfell (The North Remembers). I happen to be talking about “The Great White North” that is Canada. The Canadian people are known to be denim jacket rockin’, syrup chuggin’ people who are also incredibly polite. Now, I am not one to advocate stereotypes. C’mon people – your mother never told you not to judge a book by its cover? Well, in the case of this certain book, if you read along the lines of “Fearless but Extremely Polite Bear Whisperer” then congratulations – you could not be more spot on.

It’s hard enough getting through the morning commute without coffee. Now, let’s try it while being confronted by 3 (still think they’re cute) potentially dangerous creatures.This guy is mind-controlling these bears like they were Chris Pratt’s raptors in “Jurassic World.” Who doesn’t deserve someone this patient, polite, and kind when she’s cranky or hungry? That soft-spoken demeanor and astounding patience are exactly what a hangry girl deserves. Get you a man who is as patient and genuine as this guy.

This guy was stern enough with the bears to show he wasn’t playing around. Sure he was probably scared but he never faltered, not for a second a true soft-spoken decisive gentleman. Doing this all while keeping his cool in the face of a potentially dangerous creature make the video all the more impressive. These are some traits that are an absolute must when trying to figure out where to eat with a hungry significant other, which can also be a potentially dangerous creature.

The kind and patient nature this man puts on display are super advanced, shows a real maturity. Sometimes you’ve gotta realize that your boo may just be a little hangry and didn’t mean to act out. It’s kinda like that 90’s song by the band Lit (their actual name youngin’ not a slang term) the lyrics should actually have been “Can we forget about the things I said when I was hungry.” That my friends, are how you know it’s real.

The lowkey most impressive part was his assertiveness. This man knew what he wanted and that was a bear free yard so he could get to work on time and contribute to society. “I need you to go” – that is when you knew this Canadian gentleman was not messing around. This is a very underrated skill set to have. Deciding what to eat or where to go out especially with an aggravated or hungry significant other is no easy task. We’ve all gotten to the “will you just pick something already” point.

Just when you thought this guy couldn’t possibly get any sweeter, he proceeds to thank the adorable fuzzy family, wish them a nice day and goes on to say he, “hopes they enjoyed his yard.” Honestly not sure why more girls aren’t heading north like Dany on Viserion (RIP) to scoop up their man, or in her case nephew but hey, do you Mother of Dragons.