50 Thoughts Every Girl Has During ‘That Time Of The Month’

Being a girl isn’t easy – let me tell you. While people are constantly saying we’re so lucky we never have to suffer the pain of being kicked in the balls, I say, be grateful you don’t bleed for a week and a half every month and suffer the side effects that come along with it.

Ah, yes, when the pearly red gates open every month, we go from normal human beings to moody, hungry, needy and complicated creatures. We’re sweaty, we’re cold, we’re hungry, we’re anxious, we’re angry, we’re happy, we’re crying – all in the span of about 46 seconds.

Take it from us – it ain’t easy.

1. Why does my stomach hurt?

2. Did I eat something bad?

3. Oh, that’s not nausea, that’s cramping.

4. No, no, no please don’t be here already. I wanted to wear that white dress tonight.

5. *Checks underwear* F*CCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK.

6. There goes that thong – RIP.

7. Where are my tampons??

8. I’m starving.

9. I want a burrito. No nachos. No burrito. Or maybe both.

10. Ugh why is everyone so annoying today?