Woman’s Tanning Bed Horror Story Will Make You Swear Off Them Forever

When I was in high school, Jersey Shore was the most popular show on TV and everyone wanted to get themselves a tan during the “offseason.” With tanning packages being so inexpensive, my friends and I frequently went to the local tanning salon to get some color. Living with my mother, I had to lie on a regular basis saying it was “just fake self-tanner” because she was completely terrified I would develop skin cancer–as it’s been proven that tanning beds can lead to the development of skin cancer. But, did I listen? Most definitely not–I was a teenager who didn’t care what her mother had to say. Eventually, I stopped going because I grew out of the fad. I never had a run in with skin cancer, Thank God, but others are not as lucky.

Mallory Lubbock shared her story on Facebook that will most likely scare you away from tanning beds for the rest of your life. Lubbock opened up about her skin cancer development and scorned her 16-year-old self for going tanning “every single day for 2 years.”

So, today I got my first cancerous spot removed. I now get to go back for suture removal/wound check, an appointment to get my WHOLE body checked out, VERY routine check ups for a long while, and then routine check ups for life, and almost 100% certainly many more painful ass appointments of getting skin cancer taken off my body.

Damn it 16 year old Mallory that went tanning every single day for 2 years. I will try like hell to make sure my daughter will not be laying in a single tanning bed while she is under my roof and I hope her just hearing about and seeing Mama go through this will be enough.

You guys. Get your daughters out of tanning beds. Get your 16 year old sister out of them. Hell, get out of them yourselves! It’s so not worth it. Is tan skin REALLY worth it? This shit will scar and this shit HURT. I am now the mom at the beach with the umbrella and my spf 100 HEAVILY applied. Never ever ever did I think this would happen to me (who does?)

She also shared some photos to showcase how permanent skin cancer can truly be.


Clearly, no tan is worth scars or cancer. It’s important to always apply sunscreen and limit your time in the sun.