The Official Trailer For ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Just Dropped And It Has Fans Freaking Out

Everyone had a point in their life where they watched the show “Jersey Shore” on MTV. Whether or not you enjoyed it, the show was unlike anything else. Coming off the days of MySpace and into the days of fake-tanning, the beginning of “gym rats,” and still drinking Four Lokos–we were all hooked on the chaos that was Jersey Shore. It’s no wonder fans lost their f*cking minds when MTV announced they would be rebooting the original show with the original cast for a “Family Vacation” reunion. Not only will the cast be coming back for one reunion–but, before the show even aired, it got green-lit for a second season. Can you say “It’s t-shirt time?”

While the anticipation for the premiere has been sky-high for many, MTV dropped the official trailer for the “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” this week online and it’s gone viral on the web. Just brace yourselves guys, there’s a lot of fist-bumping happening here.

While the cast has aged a bit (and, some of them are moms/soon-to-be dads), it seems as though everyone is picking up right where they left off. And, Twitter has been going crazy with excitement.