Doctors Say Period Cramps Are As Painful As A Heart Attack And Women Are Reacting In The Best Way Possible

If you’re a woman who goes through the harrowing realities of bleeding for a week-a week and a half every single month–you know it’s no day at the damn beach. Yes, while having your period is a universal norm for women everywhere, it’s also true that some women suffer from debilitating period cramps. When I was younger, my cramps were so bad that on the first few days of my cycle, I couldn’t leave my bed or my heating pad–the struggle was real. But, you know how society is when it comes to women and pain–it’s never “that bad” and we’re just being “babies.” Now, one doctor is saying that period cramps can be as painful as a heart attack–and every woman is like “duh.” For years, some women have suffered from such pain, without any true form of research, prevention, or aid into the problem. After the doctor had published the statement, many people on the Internet reaction accordingly.