37 Petty But Real Problems Every Woman Has

Being a girl may seem like it’s all fun and games and sunshine, but there are a lot of things we have to deal with on a regular basis that pisses us off to no end. Sure, being a woman is great and all–female empowerment, yayyyy women–but sometimes the petty things really do get to me. The makeup issues, period pains, boy problem–all of the small stuff…turns into big stuff.

37. Your deodorant selection always has to be flowery and perfumey.

36. People think showing your underwear lines through any pants/dress/skirt is “inappropriate.”

35. And don’t get me started on bra straps.


34. Plus, you spend a bunch of money on bras only for them to break.

33. And, no matter how many hair-ties you have, they also break.

32. You always are in need of chapstick, so you spend a zillion dollars to have one in every place.

31. But, you lose your chapsticks and waste your money–just like we do when we shatter your makeup palettes.

30. You need more clothes with pockets–and can’t stop showing off when you finally find some.