37 Petty But Real Problems Every Woman Has

19. Washing your face is a chore and a mess.


18. When you try to create the “Kim Kardashian” ponytail, it never looks right.

17. If you get a spray tan, you can’t sweat, get wet, or breathe.

16. If you ever have to pee while waiting for your nails to dry, you’re f*cked.

15. No matter how much you spend on tights, they always rip the first time you wear them.

14. No amount of Advil will help you on the first day of your period.

13. Rompers/bodysuits/pants suits are a nightmare when you’re out drinking.

12. Good conditioner always costs an arm and a leg–and half the time, you accidentally waste it.

11. Men can “man-spread” but women are expected to always “sit like a lady.”


10. Wearing makeup makes you look like a 10 until you have to actually touch your face.