30 Ways To Know He Loves You, Without Having To Say It

Relationships, as they progress, grow into something beautiful and extraordinary. When you’re with a person who loves you – whole heartedly – it makes you feel invincible. Before everyone jumps on me and says “you’re an independent woman, you don’t need a man” – no, I don’t need a man, but being in love is something that makes me an even stronger, better woman. You don’t lose your independence when you fall in love with someone – it enhances it. You feel like a better person and more capable, able and comfortable with who you are.

My boyfriend not only supports me, but brings out the best version of who I am.

While he doesn’t always say “I love you,” every day, he shows it in the things he does, the way he does them and how he treats me. Not everything in life needs to be verbal. There are non-verbal cues that prove much more than words can ever.

1. He always asks you how your day was, even if he’s exhausted.

2. He never watches “your show” without you.

3. He isn’t embarrassed to kiss you or hold you in public.

4. When you’re out together, he makes it known that you are his girl.

5. He always asks if you’re hungry when he’s going to get food.

6. He lets you have the last french fry.

7. He remembers how you take your coffee.

8. He pays attention to the details in your conversations, remembering things you’ve said.

9. He shows you new music and songs that “remind him of you.”

10. He doesn’t want to go out without you every single weekend.

11. But, when he does, he still keeps in touch with you throughout the night.

12. He doesn’t run away when you’re in a bad mood.

13. He may disagree with you, but accepts your difference in opinions.

14. He makes an effort to get to know your family and build a relationship with them.

15. He makes an effort to get to know your friends and build a relationship with them.

16. He gets you thoughtful gifts, not just “expensive” sh*t.

17. He plans things for the future.

18. He wishes you luck on big days, like exams and job interviews.

19. He’ll kiss you without you having to ask. He’ll hold your hand in public. He’ll be affectionate with you always.

20. He steps out of his comfort zone for you, and pushes you to step out of yours.

21. He won’t hesitate to tell you that you look beautiful.

22. He’s genuinely proud of your accomplishments.

23. His friends know all about you, and tell you how happy you make him.

24. When you’re sick, he takes care of you.

25. He laughs at the stupid jokes you make, even when they’re terrible.

26. He always makes everything a team effort.

27. He’ll still be chivalrous, hold a door for you or pull our your chair, even after years together.

28. He doesn’t get jealous or crazy when you talk to another guy, he allows you to have friends without suspicion.

29. He remembers birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and all the in between.

30. He’s confident enough in your relationship to be completely honest with you – even when you’re the one who is wrong.