40 Signs You’ve Finally Found A ‘Good Guy’

Dating in your 20’s can be really difficult. It’s the time in your life where you are in the, what I like to call, “gray area” when it comes to relationships. You’re still young enough where you can have a good time and date around, but in time, you reach the point where you worry about who you’re going to spend the rest of your life with.

When this happens, you take a look around yourself and the men who you have let into your world and realize – some of them have been complete tool-bags. You’ve let in players, f*ckboys, a**holes and liars. You’ve dated the manipulator, the charming but douchey guy and – you’ve even slept with a few of them too.

But, there comes a point in time where you finally find someone who doesn’t fall into the above categories, and, you realize – you’ve finally found a good guy.

1. He’s honest with you from the very beginning about his intentions and what he’s looking for.

2. He treats you like a person and not just a piece of meat.

3. He wants you to be around him all the time, not just on Friday nights.

4. He communicates with you efficiently, and doesn’t leave you on “read’ for days.

5. He doesn’t play the whole “jealousy” game, making you chase after him.

6. He makes you feel reassured and comfortable in where you’re headed.

7. He wants to have you meet the important people in his life.

8. He cares about your hobbies and interests.

9. He plans dates and trips, instead of just taking you to his apartment all the time.