40 Signs You’ve Finally Found A ‘Good Guy’

30. He wants to build an empire with you, not just for himself.

31. He doesn’t check out every girl that walks by him in the bar.

32. He makes it known you are his girl.

33. He makes you feel like the best version of yourself.

34. He doesn’t ignore you during arguments, but instead wants to talk things out.

35. He holds the term “relationship” to a high standard and doesn’t make you feel like you can’t trust him.

36. He ensures that you’re always comfortable when you go to his friends’ parties or a business dinner.

37. He asks for your thoughts and advice on the big things.

38. He isn’t afraid to use the term “love.”

39. He makes the little stuff just as important as the big stuff.

40. He never lets you forget how much you mean to him.