Anna Faris Says Chris Pratt Was Never Her Best Friend

About a month ago, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt split up and left us sad forever. The comedic duo was apparently having trouble for a while, and in case you’re wondering, it has nothing to do with Jennifer Lawrence.

Since then, Faris has opened up once or twice about what the hell happened and thanked her friends and fans for the outpouring of love and support that came after the announcement.

Now Faris has opened up again, in the foreword to her upcoming memoir Unqualified, where she speaks about her relationship to the opposite gender in general, and how she regrets taking female friendships for granted.

“In my 20s, I thought it was cool to say I was a guys’ girl,” writes Faris. I didn’t realize until later how lame I sounded, bragging as though having a lot of girlfriends was a bad thing. Back then, I thought that having the approval of my stoner guy friends was of greater value than having the approval of beautiful blonde sorority girls, so I touted my male friends as if my association with them spoke to how cool I really was. I was selling my own gender down the river, and I wasn’t even getting any fulfillment from the relationships with those dudes.

Faris also goes on to explain that the idea of your significant other being your best friend is overrated:

I was once told that I didn’t need a tight group of girlfriends because Chris should be my best friend. But I never bought that. The idea of your mate being your best friend — it’s overhyped. I really believe that your partner serves one purpose and each friend serves another.

Sounds like, while she’s still sorting through the breakup, she’s got her eyes set on the goal of maintaining her female friendships, and no longer forgetting how important they are.

Wishing you the best Anna!

We’re still sad, though.