Couples Share The Most Annoying Thing Their Partner Does And It’s Hilariously Relatable

It’s pretty insane how much you can tolerate and the things you build yourself up to deal with when you’re in love. It’s safe to say that we all have some random and weird things that we do that we find comforting but to others may be the complete opposite even annoying to the point where they have to find themselves confessing on a Reddit thread that they love you and that’s the only reason why they put up with your exasperating habits. We’re all built differently so it’s bound to happen where you’ll cross paths with people who won’t understand certain parts of you. Relationships are built on compromise though and that’s the beauty of it. Love beats the leaving the toilet seat up, dirty piles of clothes scattered through the floor, constant deadly farts, and makeup-free mornings.

1. The early big catches the punch in the face.

She sets the alarm for an hour before she needs to be up and hits snooze 6 times. It drives me insane.

2. Is he a dog?

My husband sniffs loudly and frequently. If I lose him in Costco I can usually find him by sound.

3. Maybe he’s just lazy.

He doesn’t know where things belong. He has to ask for guidance when unloading the dishwasher or putting away groceries. I’m always so confused by this. He seems to know where to look when he needs to get something, but never knows where to put things away.

4. It takes true talent to make ice cream sound like rocks.

She chews like Lilly from How I met your mother. It’s unfuckingbelievable how loud eating chips, pizza, apples, celery can be with her. She makes eating ice cream sound like rocks. I’ve asked the dentist why it’s so loud.

5. Same, and I hate it.

My boyfriend sleeps with the tv on, not necessarily playing something but on the Netflix choice screen or the roku clock. I find myself waiting until he passes out to turn the tv off so I can get some sleep in the dark.

6. Buy him more socks for Christmas. Or, you know, do laundry.

He wears my socks when all of his are dirty. His feet are double the size of mine and they stretch my socks out. Ughhhhh

7. Murder him.

He skips through music so fast all the time. Like plays 20 seconds of a song, then 20 seconds of another, and repeat a good 20 times before I actually get to listen to a whole fucking song.

8. Aww…Weird but nice.

She loves to warm her hands up by putting them on my skin, usually my belly. They’re always so damn cold and annoys me to no end. But she’s cute so I let it slide.


Every morning my hair and pillow is sticky with his drool.

10. Oh.

Farting. She farts more than a teenage boy on a high fibre diet. And she thinks it’s hilarious, just like said teenage boy would.