10 Dates That Are Better Than A Taboo Coffee Date

6. Dance Class:

If you are looking to do something really exciting and sexy; taking a dance class is the way to go. You will have a ton of fun together while learning something new. Plus, you can learn something along the way. There’s nothing better than picking up a new hobby and talent. And, when you two go to an event, or even out on the town, you can practice your new moves.

7. Cooking Class:

If dancing really isn’t your thing but you want to learn something new together; a cooking class is a way to go. You can use what you learn in the class on your next date too and cook together at home. There’s nothing like a homecooked meal.

8. Long Walk On The Beach:

Another great way to just enjoy each other’s company without being crowded at a small table in a coffee shop is by going on a long walk on the beach. Yes, it sounds cliche, but it is definitely way more romantic than you think. The sand between your toes, the sound of the ocean crashing in the background. You can even vamp up the date and have a late-night beach bonfire.

9. Visit A Botanical Garden:

Enjoy the beauty of nature together as you get to know one another. Trust me this is actually a lot better than it seems. Being in a quiet, relaxing environment will make it easier for you to open up to one another.

10. Volunteer Together:

If you are both into giving back to the community, volunteering together would make the perfect date for you. This is way more beneficial, not only for you but for the community than going for coffee would be. Giving back is a way to build memories and important milestones together. Plus, it brings positive energy and vibes into your life.