People Are Now ‘Micro-Cheating’ In Their Relationships, In Case You Didn’t Already Hate Dating Today

1. Ghosting:

Ghosting is pretty much the universal dating trend that everyone is aware of. It’s complicated, yet simple. You start talking to someone and you really like them and think you’re hitting it off, when all of the sudden they disappear as though they have died and become a ghost. You no longer see them, you no longer hear from them – it’s as if you two never even spoke. The person didn’t have enough balls or respect for you to break it off verbally or even tell you why it didn’t work out – instead, they just disappear. This is a pretty bullsh*t way to end something with someone. If you’re not into dating someone any longer, the right thing to do is be upfront about it. You think that you’ll end up hurting someone, but think about how much worse it is to just disappear out of someone’s life without an explanation.

2. Breadcrumbing:

Breadcrumbing is exactly what it sounds like – small pieces of something good. Breadcrumbing is when someone you’re into is nice to you or shows interest in you but only from time-to-time. They’re not consistent with their desire or their intentions and always leave you wanting more. It’s a way that people keep the other person “interested” by giving them just enough to satisfy them, but never too much where it can be something super serious. It’s the typical “f*ckboy” motive to do. You keep a girl around, give her just enough attention to keep her into you and do your own thing at the same time. Pass.

3. Submarining:

Submarining is also what it sounds like. Submarines are known to appear, dive underwater for an extended period of time without a trace and then boom, they appear again. Think of this in terms of dating. You’re talking to someone and you’re really feeling them, but they disappear for whatever reason (or no reason at all), almost like ghosting. But, like a submarine, they reappear in your life again months or years later because they’re probably lonely and desperate for love. More likely than not, the person is going to reappear because they failed in another relationship and hate being alone. It’s a sure-fire sign that someone needs some therapy.

4. Cushioning:

Cushioning is a trend that is pretty f*cked up within itself. It happens when you’re already in a relationship with someone, but fear the relationship may end and you don’t want to be left lonely. So, you have a few people in your life you keep “around” and flirt with – just in case your relationship ends. This way, you’ll have a nice cushion to fall on instead of being completely alone. It basically showcases that whatever relationship you’re currently in is probably not even worth being in – and it’s time to move on. It’s borderline cheating, if you ask me. Don’t be a f*cked up person to the other half of your relationship. If you’re interesrted in other people, you should break it off. Grow a pair.

5. Love-Bombing:

Love-bombing happens at the very beginning of dating someone. It’s the stereotypical “middle school” dating experiment. It’s when you’re dating someone and they go into overdrive with romance, affection, and love from Day 1. They send you flowers, text you every moment of every day – they probably say “I love you” on the third date. It’s pretty toxic. Eventually, they get tired or bored of the relationship and being on such a high overload that they completely change their tune – they leave. This leaves you alone, out of nowhere, with no clues in sight. In all honesty, it’s borderline harrassment.