18 Women Admit The Most Embarrassing Thing To Ever Happen To Them On A First Date

10. Angelica, 25-years-old.

I moved home after I graduated college and it was hard enough to adjust to that, but it was even harder to “date” with my parents always calling me asking where I am all the time when I was out late. I had met this guy at a bar when I was out with my friends and we immediately hit it off. I was excited when he asked me out the following weekend. We went out for dinner and drinks and he invited me back to his place. We were drinking a bottle of wine and the conversation just kept flowing and I didn’t even realize what time it was. Randomly, there was a knock on the door of his apartment and he went to see who it was – we realized it was already 3 a.m. and his roommate was already home. My mom comes barging into his apartment saying: “we called 10 times and you didn’t answer any calls or texts, we thought something happened to you.” My parents used “Find My iPhone” to track me down.

11. Veronica, 18-years-old.

I was away at college and it was penny beer night when I hooked up with this really cute guy on the baseball team. Obviously, we were both drunk (it was penny beer night, need I say more). Apparently, we exchanged numbers, too – because he called me a few nights later to go out and grab some pizza on a random Wednesday night. I couldn’t even remember what he looked like because I was wasted. I met up with him at the local pizzeria by campus and when I walked in, he said: “I really just wanted to see what you looked like because I didn’t remember, but, you’re cute so I guess let’s get some pizza.” I was mortified and embarrassed – but, took the free pizza.

12. Melissa, 23-years-old.

We went to a Halloween party hosted by a mutual friend of ours as our “first date.” I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea, but, I figured: ‘why not.’ I ended up drinking a “blood punch,” which turned out to be jungle juice aka every alcohol under the sun in one. I ended up puking on my date before midnight.