18 Women Admit The Most Embarrassing Thing To Ever Happen To Them On A First Date

16. Jillian, 20-years-old.

I hate sports. I find them boring and I’m just not interested in them. This guy that I thought was really cute loved sports, so, I pretended to like them, too. Don’t we all tell little white lies every once in a while? Turns out, he wanted to take me to a baseball game since I claimed to love our home team “so much.” I knew literally no one on the team and didn’t even have a shirt to wear to the game – some “fan.” I spent $75 on a jersey at a sports store the day before we went to the game and said I was going to wear my “favorite pitcher.” Turns out, the guy who was on my jersey was the first basemen and I looked like a complete idiot.

17. Allison, 24-years-old.

I matched with a girl on Tinder and I was really excited to finally meet her, as we had been messaging for a month already. I told her I’d meet her at a bar in Midtown since we both worked around there in the city. When I got there, I sat down at the bar and ordered a beer to just loosen me up because I was so nervous. In her pictures, she had blonde hair. But, I had forgotten that she told me she dyed her hair pretty recently. I was sitting at the bar, waiting for a blonde girl to walk in and shooting the sh*t with the bartender, telling him I was waiting to meet a girl I was “hot and heavy for.” Turns out, the now-brunette I was waiting for was sitting two seats away from me and started laughing when I said that. I was mortified.

18. Dorothy, 21-years-old.

I’m Latina – which means, I have a huge ass. It’s hard for me to find jeans that fit me and when I do, they hardly ever last. I was on a date with a guy who was friends with my best friend’s boyfriend and when I was getting out of his car, my pants completely ripped on the backside. I was wearing a shorter shirt with them so, I couldn’t even cover it up. We had to go back to my house so I could change and missed the reservations he made.